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Welcome to our class on multimedia story telling. In this class we are going to learn about how to create stories from the mundane or extraordinary.

I hope that using this blog, we can explore how to get inspired to write story from everyday objects around us. For example, simply looking at a pair of shoes in your room can lead you to create an extraordinary story.

You could for example ask yourself questions such as?

  • What are the ethics involved in the farming and refining of the raw materials?
  • Where were the shoes manufactured?
  • Was any slave labor or sweat houses used in production?
  • What is the brand trustworthiness?
  • How transparent is the company about their practices?

Looking around us and asking questions about objects around us is a major step in creating extraordinary stories.

Then you need to go ahead and research: For example looking at research and stories covered about company practices can enhance your story. See below examples of readings, podcasts and videos on company practices about the shoe or the iphone next to you.



From Apple to Adidas: Brands Use Ethnic Minority Slave Labor in China

Apple is lobbying against a bill aimed at stopping forced labor in China

Apple supplier Lens Technology accused of using forced Uighur labor

After your research, you create an outline, compile your media, add the media to the story board and then get down to writing your story. After you have written and proofread your story, you can publish it and then look at reviews and feedback for your work.

Let’s keep creating!